Truth is, I dont even know if anyone will come here and read this blog. But if you are interested in someone’s random life then feel free to read this blog. I gladly will tell you guys all you want to know. Plus I will promise and post at leaste 3 times a week (for now haha). With that being said, I welcome you guys here on my blog. yay.

Here a small intro about me. I wont give away my real name and identity so I will introduce myself as “Mireya Delgado” for now. Last year around spring I broke my ankel pretty badly and wasn’t allowed to do any sports or alot of things for over 6 months or so. Finally after one year now I can start “real” sport again. And this blog is my journal on how I will get back on track with my life.

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You have some questions? Just ask me on my ask.fm account directly. You do need an account for that tho.


Do you guys rather want to follow my journey with pictures? Just follow me on instagram. In case the button won’t work my username is: someone09020


dont like wordpress but tumblr? I am also on tumblr. My blog there is called my random life from someone0902 and there I won’t only post about losing weight but also reblog random things and just my life in general.


If you ever need someone to talk or you guys want to ask me personal question or are just up for a random conversation you can always reach me on either the social media listed above or here:

kik: someone0902

email: mide02@outlook.com

I am also on Google+ under the name Mireya Delgado visible.

I will answer as fast as possible and I promise I will answer everyone!!