random update

My dog ate glas 2 days ago. Ooooh dear. But after we gave him some Sauerkraut he pooped it out. 

ANYWAYS, my diet with eating less than 1500 is going really good, I dont really cut out any food since I never get too close to it. Im going to weigh myself every monday, but I dont think anything will change with this diet since I didnt had to cut out anything so far. Well I will make another on for march, also with a harder workout. 

In case you guys are following my food calender, I’m sorry I havent updated it lately but I will at least add for now the total calories on every end of this day. My squat workout is going really good so far, especially for beginners with sport its really good! 

Update on my life: I finally have furniture since coming back to Germany I only was sleeping on the couch at my moms and got my clothes out of my luggage. But yesterday I finally bought a closte and a bed. That’s enugh so far! Also I have some good chanced on helping on a mother child group which I would really be looking forward to!

I think thats all I have to say today 🙂 I wish you all a great Sunday! 
If you ever need someone to talk, you guys can always “kik” me (someone0902) or email (mide02@outlook.com) me. Other social media you can find here. You can literally chat me up about anything 🙂


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