It’s already Thursday

I woke up this morning thinking its Monday, so weighing day and then it hit me. 

It’s already Thursday 

Totally flashed I check every calender there is buf ja its all true, today is Thursday. 

This week passed by too fast although I reached all my goals for the week and last week it still went past too fast. But heeeey at least now I know which day it is 😀

My diet is going well, I still always eat under 1500 still anf my workout plan is still okay but it doesnt feel so difficult so next month I should try something more challenging

Oh well…..
On another not: I will update this blog every Monday with my current stats meaning new Measurements every Monday. I missed this Monday’s (that’s when I wanted to start the weekly update haha 😀 ) so lets hope next Monday is better:
Start Stats (you can also find them here):

Height: 172

Weight: 80.5

BMI: 27.2 (overweight)


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