So my scale and wifi broke down at the same day for no reason. 

Anyways! I’m going to leave a little review about Februar! 

Diet: According to the diet I have always live that way, since I didnt had to limit myself at all! I never reached the 1500 cals so it was really easy to maintain and not change my diet completely. But i dont think it changed my weight. 

Sport: the squat challenge was easy to do. I recommend it to all beginners! 

the steps, idk i always forget to check them at night and then they get lost haha. shit. 

So all in all i dont think my weight changed nor my body really. 
That’s why for march I’m changing things. 

diet: I’m going to cut down to only 4 meals everyday (breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner) and no snacking in between. That should keep my calories under 1500 aswell. Im also going to eat smaller sizes of the dishes I make and then we will see how it goes. 

Sport: I found a burpee workout. Since burpees are way harder to do I think it will help me lose more calories. That I will do every morning. I also want to start and do more yoga, that I have to plan for now tho.

I will update you guys wuth my new Measurements and my exact sport plan soon. 



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