MARCH Update 2#

Hello Everyone,

Since it’s Saturday I have some time to tell you now exactly how this whole thing will go this month. 


Im going to get a scale and weigh a normal portion of my dish. Then I will half it and that’s it. No seconds, no biggee sizes just that one portion. But it’s going to be 4 portions a day, so that should keep me away from not getting hungry. 

I don’t know how well I can follow this rule on the weekends since my mom and her boyfriend are always complaining about me eating apparently so less ( which is so not true haha) I’m just eating less than them… Anyways! Since my calorie intake is higher than the calories I burned I think (correct me if I am wrong tho) this new limitation in food will help me.

Also I will deleted the page food, I’m sorry. O will bring it back once I have more time or something like that. 

So this month I thought of doing a burpee challenge. I never was good with burpees, in the 11th grade it was even in our sport exam and I did okayish. Plus with my ankel recovering I can do small jumps now, so maybe it also helps me there but I don’t know haha.

Regarding night rountine, I thought maybe yoga or at least stretching could help me not only sportwise but just to relax in genenral. I will start doing it again, I just won’t do it to a plan or anything, I’ll just do the excerises I like! 
That’s it for today, I hope things are clear now. If not let me know haha!! My scale is still broken, so is my wifi btw, so as soon as I have a new one I will update you guys! I hope you guys all have a wonderful weekend, enjoy it! It’s only saturday morning so try to make the best out of it, just like I will try!



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