Sunday Storytime: how I broke my ankle

Hello everyone,

I thought maybe I should tell a little more about myself.  

So in 12th grade I wanted to do more sport than just volleyball, also because our volleyball season always ends already in September/October. So I checked which clubs seem like they are really interesting. Basketball used to be my favorite sport back in 7th grade but my teacher then kind of destroyed my happyness about it. So I won’t be choosing that. Handball always sounded cool but it never was like YES I REALLY WANT TO DO THAT! So there was the last club for my age: U19 Soccor. And I just thought, hey let’s give it a try!

So I went to like 2 practices hours before the first game. I never had any time because of all the studying for the finals. Annoying, because I definitely thought I need a lot more training. 

Since we were only 11 in the team for the first game we all had to play the whole 90 minutes (with a little break of course). I was in defense. And it was so much fun! After the game my coach asked me if I playwd before football and I just told him no this club is my first one! It made me really proud to receive this compliment. 

So a week after that the second game came and that would also be my last one. I was playing soccor for a month by then. We were 12 this time but one player in the middelfield hurt herself during the came so we were back to 11. Gawd dangit. 

The game went pretty well, I once fell and made my knee all bloody. I also had a lot of pain in my left foot (I later on found out its because i brokr my nail in half, my sock was all bloody). The score in the end was about 2:3 for the opposing team. It was the last few minutes when they tried for the last time to reach our goal and I was trying to block this girl om my left side when it happened. We both crashed into each other and then there was this loud crack. (Lateron one of my teammates told me she heard that crack too and she was lile 7 or 6 meters away from me.) I fell down and that’s when the pain hit me. 

Since we were at the opposing teams school their doctor came by runinng and checked my ankle. She was a sport specialist and said: “oh its just sprained. Dont worry about it, its all good!” So I believe her. But I also didnt miss her face when I told her that it crack. 

We drove back to my school where my dad picked me up and drove me to the hospital. They made an xray and then they were sure: The ankle is broken to 100%. Afterwards, like a week later or so, I had to make an CT and the results were shocking: We HAVE to operate. 

So this is what I get for wanting to be sporty and finding a new passion in my life: nothing but pain. Thanks life.

In the first Picture you can see the shinbone (or Tinbia) broken. In the second one its the fibula which is also broken. So it was like the main part of my ankle but since I broke both at once I made things really bad.

That’s my story today. I will try and post a story ever week, of course only if I can thinl which one I should post. Have a nice rest Sunday!


PS: This all happened in February 2016. 


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