about sleepless nights


so its 12:34 am right now and I am finding myself not being able to sleep again. Like so many nights since I am back in Germany. So I study for my driver’s license, chemistry or read. 

People ask me why I cant sleeo whenever I tell them and gosh if I would know, would i still not be sleeping? 

I don’t know really I guess its some small problems all added up together and they make me not sleepy. 
Another weird thing is I always exactly wake up at 6:15 am every morning. Sometimes I can sleep after and sometimes I wake up wide awake. I’m so weirded out by it and I can’t explain why this is happening as well. 
I guess I am in a weird place of my life right now and I am pressured by more things then I activly thing. But I dont really know. Maybe its the fact that I dont really have anyone to talk about all this stuff. But I just really dont know. Maybe its me. 

Any of you guys experience this before? What helped you guy’s? Im really interested in hearing what you have to say, so please anyone either comment, email me or other social media (you can find it all listed here)


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