Storytime: Sleep paralysis

So this post is going to be about the first time I had sleep paralysis. 

I think the first time I ever had it I was like 12ish or something like that. I remember however the event exactly. I was in my room and I woke up in the middle of the night. My clock said 12 am. I noticed pretty quickly that i couldnt move my arms, legs or just my body in general except my eyes. After a while of just staring in the dark a force made me look to the coner on the right of me. 

And then I saw this burning figure in the corner. A skeleton with hanging meat and skim was just watching me. His smile was a s bright as the one from the cat in Alice story. He wasn’t standing straight but even so he looked like a giant. It scared me so much and thinking about it now it still kind of does. 

After a while of this man looking at me and keep standing is his position, he slowly moved to my bed and sat on the side of it. His eyes never left my face and his grin got bigger and scarier the closer he got. My eyes got wider too. About 2h then he was just staring at me until this whole event passed. 

When I got back all my senses I looked at the time again and it said I think 5 am. At this point I am not sure anymore if my first look at the time was a mistake or this horrible thing really last 5h. It scared me so much I sometimes still think of it in fear. 

Over the past year here and there I had sleep paralysis, sometimes less somtimes everyday of the week. Sometimes it repeated itself and I had the same event over and over again. Somtimes it was like a “one time thing”. However, this first time is the only time I remember it so clearly and from the start until the end.
Any of you had this experience before aswell? tell me about it!

Any tips on what to do about it? Hit me with it!


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