Sunday Storytime: Operations

So this kind of connects right after my first storytime which you can read here.

You guys seemed really interested in the story so I thought Ill post more about it. 🙂
After one week past since the first injury I had my first operation. 

as you can see in the picture I got one of those huge metal plates and also 3 long screws with that. Instead of the planned 30′  minutes my operation was almost 3 hours. The CT didnt showed things too clearly I guess.  I was stuck in the hospital for 1 week until I could go home but not yet back to school. Even when I could go to school or had to walk etc. I only was allowed to do so with crutches. 
The pain I had in the hospital and a few weeks later were horrible tho. I was crying alot and sometimes I couldn’t even talk because it just was too painful. I could only concentrate on the pain in my ankle. 

I had morphine in the hospital although sometimes that wasnt enough so I receive some more painkillers. When I was release I also received hard and many painkillers. Now whenever I received morphine I literally got high. Like not high as in I kept laughing etc. But eveything turned into a blur and I barely kept my eyes open. I couldnt talk because my tongue felt so heavy. It is as if youre too drunk and right about to pass out. And thats exactly what always happened. Then I slept for like 3 hours and woke up because of the pain. 

With the pain killers it was a bit different. They luckily only took away the pain. However, in the evening instead of waiting the 6 hours to take a new pill I already took it after 5 hours. Now I know its really dangerous and I could overdose and get other problems, I am aware of that. But there was no other way of me getting some good night sleep. That was seriously the only way back then. It knocked me out the same way the morphine did but I slept longer (about 6 to 8 hours).
Then, 3 months later, I already had my 2nd operation. 

It only was 1 hour or so and they also only removed the long screws. I was in the Hospital only for one night. 
I also did not receive morphine and just a few painkillers (still the same one but I was only suppose to take them if I really needed them. According to this really cool pharmacist guy). So that actually made me happier again. Since the whole accident I just was an emotional chaos but I slowly regained my power about it again. 

Also right after this operation I could start walking again but that I will tell you another time.

Just a quick info: I will have a third operation soon where all the metal is going to he removed but I will tell you guys about it then!
I hope you guys enjoyed todays storytime. I know european time its already late so I will say good nighty. 



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