about changing things

so I did stick to my diet and tried all I can with the burpees but to be honest I am just not motivated anymore. Really losing weight I am not either anyways

So instead of waiting for April to come I will change it all today (well tomortoe because its already night).

Trying to keep under 1000.

I know this number seems really low to some people (Ive been below it too and it was still okay haha) but since I ak eating as usual I guess reducing the calories for now can help me alot with burning the fat. At least then I can burn ALL the calories I eat and that is my goal. 

I found a rountine that burns 1000 calories (more actually but just in case I am only counting 1000). I will do it EVERYDAY. I dont know how yet because I’ll be visiting my sisters soon. But I will try my very best to burn 1000 calories. 
Now since I am going to my sisters I might have to push it back for a while. Meaning 1500 calories and a regular, quiet work out or something. Although as soon as I come back I know I have to work eveb harder. But hey I can do that tomorrow and then we will see if I made it easily or if I have to overthink my plan again. 
Now this may seem all a little extrem for some people. But seriously I’ve done worse things and for now I just have to get rid of most of the fat so other training sessions would become easier. Well heres for right now. 
All about changing life and becoming comfortable with myself again. 


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