Sunday Storytime: The day I moved to China

So this was about 3 years ago, more or less.

My dad is working for this huge car company. He just got an offer to work in Beijing which he of course took because that meant better work, more chances to get promoted and also more money. 
Now I could decide if I will follow him or not. Because I could also life with my mom since she would stay in Germany (they are divorced btw). I talked with my mom about it and then I did decide that I will go with my Dad to the capital of China: Beijing. 
Going there the first time was weird: You arrive there and literally noone speaks English. No one. 

So I had troubles first to find the exit of this huge airport. My dad picked me up and we went straight to a lot of apartment and looked at them. We did this for 3 days and then we flew back to Germany. 
In July I then moved to China. We packed uo all our stuff in boxes and they picked it up about 2 weeks before that. My dad left in the beginning of Juli and then I left too. 

Knowing this time a little chinese (some words) I actually found all my things easier and made it to our new apartment pretty quick. 
The time there was amazing and I will never regret moving there. The people aee unbelievable amazing and so wonderful and nice and open. For the first time I made real friends where I could actually say I will be friends with them forever. Actually telling them anything was so much easier than with the people I already knew for 5 years. 
So to anyone who has the opportunity to live in another country. DO IT. Most of the time you just gain so many experience. It makes it so much easier to learn the Language and Culture. You won’t actually get used to living there so everyday would feel like a holiday. Well not entirely true since living in Germnay agaun feels unreal again. Anyways, people are just different in different countries so why mo experience their culture and life as well. So seriously my advice. Do it. 


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