about long distance relationship

Hi guys,

Being in a long distance relationship myself I just want to give some of you tips on how to maybe make things easier.

My boyfriend and I met online so from the start we never really were in one place. Maybe that’s what makes it a little easier for us to be apart. 
 1. You guys have to tell each other everything
A problem we had at first was always that we started saying ‘nothing’ more often because we were scared about the others feelings or it felt weird clearing things out over text. So when I say you have to tell each other everything I meam with things youre uncomfortable with in the or situations that happen where youre scarwd about his/her reaction. You really can only fix things by talking about it together. 

2. Creat small skype games

sometime you guys want to drink together or other stuff and the distance shouldnt keep you away from it. You could drink together ober skype or just play question games, truth or dare or there are a lot of free online games you guys could do. It sometimes makes the call more interesting. 

3. Stay close 

Agree on a messenger app that works for eg. or agree on a time when you guys will always call. Distance sucks yes, but by texting and calling you can still make each other feel like you’re in each others life. 

4. Dates

What we always do is to agree on a rough date when we will meet again and for how long. It makes the time waiting a little less long and you can plan what you guys could do in that time.

5. Money

Money is one of the many troubles tbh. In our case it was mainly because of the flight costs we have. But what always helped was talking about it and helping each other out. Like sharing the cost of the transportation, petrol etc. 

6. Trusting each other

The main point in a ldr is that you guys have infinity trust to each other. If you constantly have to question if he/she is loyal to you etc. you won’t get happy. It will be something that will constantly hurt you and make you worry. So whenever in doubt: talk to each other. Sometimes things seem different as they are. 

7. The Perfect Moment

Whenever you guys are together don’t have too big expectations. Putting to much pressure on the Moment and forcing each other to be as perfect as possible makes it so much harder to enjoy the moment. Accept the fact that sometimes things might go wrong or that you guys will fight etc. 

8. No whining

Accept your situation. Constantly crying about it wont make it any better. Just make the best out of it.

9. The good things

Enjoy the time with friends, your family or by yourself. Make the best out of the time for yourself /apart from each other. It makes the time apart easier if yoy try and enjoy every moment in live. Waiting becomes easier too because youre constantly busy or doing something else (even if you still are calling each other etc)

10. Future

The last advice from me (that I can think of rn) is that you guys should talk about the future and not just leave it as an open topic. How long will the ldr be? where is this going? are you ready to live together? where when? Whenever theres the need to talk about the future just do it. Planning together can make it easier than just wondering what the other person thinks. 
I hope this is helping some of you with their long distance relationship. Idk if i got all the things clear that I wanted to mention or if I mentioned all the important stuff. Anyways I still hope its helpfull. What are youre Long distance relationship tips? 


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