I am back again

“Having a lot of emotional and depressive days these past weeks. Im sorry I was goneish. But I will come back stronger now. I don’t want to spend the next days being a bitch anymore. I guess this is some kind of awaking from my drama.”
This is from my Instagram post today. I just wanted to start clean now.

My life because a little messy these past days. I got depressed because of my leg again. I wad angry and sad becauze i had fights with the people I love. And I also gained all my weight back which doesnt do so well on the whole “liking myself for who I am” 
Ah fuck this. It shouldn’t bring me down I’ll just fight harder this time.

I dont want to always start over again.

I dont have the power for that.
So its basically now or never.


weight: 82kilo

which makes my BMI an ugly: 27,72

My first small goal is: 80 

For what I need to lose: 2 kilo only.

My ulimtae goal is: 60 

which is away 22 kilo away from ny current weight.
I got this. 

This time I reallt got this.


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