about my life

Just an update on whats going on for the people who are interested.
I still haven’t found a job. Either people wont take me or it’s just not what I want to do (and yes I know I should just take what I get) or I don’t have the proper qualifications. 

I mean I am luckily not poor and my parents are helping me and I am even still living at my moms. It’s just, I dont want to ask them for money like when I travel or go shopping or in the near future for my scooter insurance or gas. I just dont want to be a bother to them and the only way I can do this is by finding a job. I owe my other right now already enough and I dont even know anymore how much I owes my dad.

Well I hope someday I can pay them everything back, wether they want it or not.

I am studying everyday for my driver license, chinese (so I womt forget it) and my medical test. Although I have to admit the most time I am studying on my driver license. I just want to pass on the first try so it wont be more expensive.

Other than that I am just cleaning here and there. Doing sport here and day but I try to exercise at least 200 calories. Which is low, I know that but I am having troubles with my ankle recently and a lot more than before.

Which brings me to my rant i guess.

I cannot get any appointment with any of my doctors. It’s just annoying now. I really need this operation to get my metal plate out but I canr even get an appointment for a regular check up. Like they are not even picking up or something like that. Its just annoying. Also because I dont know what to do, i could send them an email but they dont even have one. And If they do they cannot receive it for some reason ugh.

I also had to wait for my insurance card up until now which was holding me back too. 

I dont know a lot of things are a little stressfull right now which pushes me down emotionally too. But right now it is still handelable. I guess having this blog helps getting a little bit of order in my life once again.

This is my current background picture. And it does actually motivate me to work out to reach my goal. Maybe it can help you guys too! I don’t remember where I got it from, so sorry no source.

If you need advise on anything I am always reachable here.
Lots of love and thanks for stopping by.


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