started from the bottom now we are here

The background story. I was never really thin and sporty since I am a teenager. Turning 17 or 18 I wanted to change that so I started playing (not american) Football but already in the second game I broke my ankle pretty badly. That was between the end of Febuary and beginning of march. After the first operation I couldn’t walk for around 3 months. I wasn’t even allowed to walk much on my crutches. Then I had another operation and I could finally walk again after these 3 months. But I wasn’t able to do any Sport. And honestly it made me pretty (not depressed but I don’t really know how to explain it so I will just leave this open). Being kinda moody and sad (and also stupid) I gained some weight. Which just makes me more moody which makes me eat more and so on and so on.

Me right now. I can do some simple sport again like snowboarding, cycling  and a few more. Since I want to get as sporty, strong and healthy as possible and also as fast as possible. So I want to try out different food diets and different sport plans and eventually I should reach the bodyshape I want. I really dont like who I am right now but instead of just accepting it I want to make a change. Since I want to track this whole procedure I opened this blog, also for the sake of sharing success or failure so I can maybe also help other people who are struggling with their weight.

The futur. I either want to join the army or go to university. I don’t really know what exactly I will choose since I don’t know my “ankle situation” for the future yet.


hight:    172

weight: 81,5

BMI:      27.55